Birchmeier Backpacks Care & Maintenance


Quick Tips:

1.  Clean the filters (in handle & lid) frequently.

2.  Don't overpressurize your Birchmeier backpack.

3.  Release the pressure (by squeezing the spray handle) after each use.

4.  Keep your Birchmeier Backpack well lubricated.  Use Birchmeier Grease (see Birchmeier Parts page) to refill the grease reservoir.

5.  Clean your Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer out with fresh water periodically.

6.  Perform regular preventative maintenance on your Birchmeier.


Download our Article on Extending Birchmeier Sprayer Life


Download Birchmeier Instruction Manual (note: it is not very good)


Birchmeier Care & Maintenance Videos               



birchmeier parts breakdown



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Birchmeier Care & Maintenance

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