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birchmeier parts breakdown


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  Lid Assembly - Flox & Iris (includes lid, check valve & gasket) 10397202 birchmeier lid



 1  Lid Assembly - Senior (6.6")  10489101 birchmeier senior lid Click
 2  Lid Gasket - Iris & Flox  14412901 birchmeier lid gasket  Click
 3  Lid Filter Assembly - Iris & Flox  77009699 birchmeier lid strainer  Click
3  Lid Filter Assembly - Senior 10489201 birchmeier senior lid strainer  Click
 4  Suction Bend  10962301 birchmeier suction bend  Click
 5a  O-Ring   See Pump Repair Kit #a below  
 6  Nut 1/2", Retaining  41206701 Birchmeier Retaining Nut Click
 7  Washer, Brass  44226001 birchmeier brass washer Click
 8a  O-ring    See Pump Repair Kit #a below  
 9  Nipple  10950701    
 10a  Gasket    See Pump Repair Kit #a below  
 11  Threaded Ring  10932201    
 12  Air Chamber  10322301 birchmeier air chamber Click
 13a  O-ring   See Pump Repair Kit #a below  
 14  Check Valve Assembly  11388501 birchmeier check valve Click
 15a  O-ring   See Pump Repair Kit #a below  
 16  Valve Casing Assembly/Housing  10803701 birchmeier valve housing Click
 17  Piston Assembly  11051203 birchmeier piston assembly Click
18  Rubber Piston Ring (donut)  26200301 birchmeier piston ring donut


 19  Carrying Strap,removable  11444901 birchmeier replacement strap  Click
 19  Carrying Strap, permanent  11444902 birchmeier strap fixed  Click

Extra Long Straps

(50% longer than normal straps)

11444906 Birchmeier Long STraps


19Z Fixing Key 10960301  Click
 20  Pump Lever  10816201 birchmeier pump handle replacement  Click
 21b  Gasket   See Valve Repair Kit #b below  

 Hose Assy (hose, fittings, clamps)

 10396008 BIrchmeier Hose Assembly Complete  Click  
 22a  Hose Only - No fittings  Birch Hose                             Birchmeier Replacement Hose Click
 22b  Hose Connector w/ Nut & Gasket (2 are shown, price is for 1)  10396101 birchmeier hose connector  Click
 22c  Worm Gear Clamp  Clamp WGN    
 23  Trigger Assembly - Spray Valve  10504010 birchmeier spray valve trigger  Click
 24  Handle, black plastic  10392201 birchmeier black handle plastic  Click
 25b Filter (goes inside black handle - also part of Valve Repair Kit #b below  10828301 birchmeier filter white  Click
 26b  Gasket   See Valve Repair Kit #b below  
 27b   Valve Assembly   See Valve Repair Kit #b below  
 28b  Gland Packing   See Valve Repair Kit #b below  
 29b  Gasket    See Valve Repair Kit #b below  
 30  Spray Tube, brass  11370701 birchemeier brass wand  Click
 31b  Gasket   See Valve Repair Kit #b below  
 32  Dura Mist Nozzle  28502324 birchmeier duromist nozzle  Click
 32a  Adjustable Cone Nozzle  28502598 birchmeier adjustable brass nozzle  Click
 S  Grease Piston  10865201 birchmeier grease piston  Click
   Spray Wand Attachment  11419601    
   REPAIR KITS:      
   a  Gasket Set Pump & Tank  10855901 birchmeier oring repair kit Click
  a(v)  Gasket Set - Viton for Weeds (select Viton Kit in Cart)  10855901V birchmeier oring repair kit Click
  b  Repair Kit - Spray Valve  10600201 birchmeier valve repair kit Click

 Repair Kit - Valve - Viton for Weeds

(Select Viton Kit in Cart)

 10600201V birchmeier valve repair kit  Click
  Birchmeier Specialty Lubricant - Two 1 oz. jars (Birchmeier Grease) 10517301 birchmeier grease Click

 Comfort Kit (Save your Back!!!)




birchmeier comfort kit pads Click

 6' Telescoping Extension Wand (brass)

10985201 birchmeier extension wand Click

6' Telescoping Wand Repair Kit


birchmeier 6 foot wand repair kit


   Spray Shield (direct where your spray goes)



birchmeier spray shield Click
   Spray Boom



birchmeier spray boom Click
  Brass Piston Tube 10914601 birchmeier piston tube brass Click
  BCS Lid & Pickup Assembly  70000005 birchmeier bcs lid assembly Click
   Teejet Fan Spray Assembly (includes base, tip, cap.  2 assemblies are shown in photo.  Price is per assembly)



birchmeier fan tip





Steel Base (select size in cart)

11374201 birchmeier steel base Click



birchmeier parts breakdown




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