Birchmeier Four Tip Spray Boom for Landscaping featured image

Birchmeier Four Tip Spray Boom for Landscaping

One great Birchmeier sprayer accessory is the Four Tip Aluminum Spray Boom. Our landscape clients just love this Birchmeier wand attachment. It allows weed control and landscape clients to spray products in a much wider area increasing efficiency.

Like most Birchmeier accessories, it is easy to install. Simply remove the regular Birchmeier wand and install the boom attachment to the sprayer valve and you are ready to start using your four-tip boom sprayer.

You can purchase the Birchmeier Four Tip Aluminum Spray Boom and all other Birchmeier parts and accessories at

Video Transcript:

Andrew Greess: … We are your distributor for Birchmeier Backpacks, repair parts, and kits to keep your backpack in great running condition. Today, I want to talk about an exciting new accessory for the Birchmeier. A lot of our landscape clients love it. It is the fourtip boom.

All you do is remove the regular wand, and install the boom directly in the sprayer valve. Now, you’ve got a fourtip boom. You can spray a much wider area with herbicides, fertilizers, any of the products you’re applying.

Give the four tip boom a try. We’ve got it at our website, Thanks for watching.