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Why Greasing Your Birchmeier Backpack is Important

If you want to ensure your Birchmeier backpack has a long and productive life, it is very important to apply grease to it on a regular basis. You can purchase authentic Birchmeier backpack grease from Birchmeierbackpacks.com.

Be sure to check the grease reservoir regularly and apply a little bit of grease. If there is not any grease inside, the pumps will not be able to pump correctly which will cause excessive stress on the system that the frame will break. Not keeping your Birchmeier backpack properly greased will also void the warranty and you will be stuck with broken equipment.

We sell grease and other Birchmeier Backpack sprayer parts and accessories at BirchmeierBackpacks.com, visit us today https://birchmeierbackpacks.com.

Video Transcript

Andrew Greess: Hi. Andrew Greess at Qspray.com. We are your source for your Birchmeier backpack sprayers, repair kits, replacement parts.

One of the things to do to ensure the long life and great productivity of your Birchmeier backpack sprayer is apply grease to it on a regular basis. This grease cap here covers the grease reservoir. And we sell Birchmeier, authentic Birchmeier grease that goes in there. You always want to make sure that you always have grease in there.

And regular basis and I don’t want to give you the exact frequency because it depends how much you’re using your backpack, but you want to give this a good half a turn to return to apply grease.

So when you’re pumping the pump mechanism we’re applying grease inside the pump to make sure that we’re not breaking anything or doing any damage to the pump.

And frankly what happens is when people don’t apply grease, there’s so much stress on the system, that the framing will break right here where the frame, the base attaches to the backpack it breaks right there which is a sign that there’s no grease. And that is not a warranty situation so you want to make sure that you’ve got grease the reservoir and you’re applying the reason on a regular basis for great continued use of your backpack please visit us at Qspray.com.

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