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Product Description

Bee Swarm Trap with Lure. 

Professional Grade, includes Lure Give a swarming bee colony an ideal “home”!

Great when you want to move a bee colony without destroying it.

Includes swarm lure pheromone, which emits a slow-release blend of pheromones that attract the swarm.

Entices the scout bees to declare the Swarm Trap a suitable new home! Swarming honeybees find our Swarm Traps irresistible!

Swarm Traps are constructed of a molded fiber material that will hold up through many bee swarm seasons.

Mimics the hollow of a tree, which is a favorite home of swarms.

Includes 1 bee swarm lure pheromone, additional bee pheromone packets are available.


  • Weight: 16 lb
  • Width: 16 in
  • Depth: 16 in
  • Height: 24 in

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