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Pest control bait guns are a highly effective tool for professionals tackling infestations from roaches  With the proper bait gun, you can administer a precise application of gel formulation insect baits, making this an essential tool for all professional jobs.

The B&G Multi-Dose Bait Gun

At, we offer pest control bait guns that are perfect for small and precise bait placement. Simply place a bait cartridge into the gun, then watch as the trigger evenly disperses easily and effectively.

This gun’s reservoir ensures that you deliver an even application with little waste, which allows you to get things done quickly. Quite often, pest control can be a labor-intensive job, especially for your hands. With an easy-to-pull bait trigger, you can work longer and more efficiently.

Pest control bait guns allow you to get a consistent and measured bait delivery system by simply pulling the trigger. Our B&G Multi-Dose 3000DL deluxe kit works with most brands of roach bait with a specially designed tip to ensure there is no drip. This not only prevents any potential mess but actually saves you valuable bait and money. Our multi-dose bait gun also comes with a heavy-duty holster and extra syringes.

Quality Pest Control Guns

If you are looking to make your operation quicker, easier, and cleaner, a pest control bait gun may be the option for you. Check out our bait gun technical specs and see the value in adding a B&G bait gun to your kit.

Do you have any questions about the B&G Multi-Dose bait gun? How about any of our many pest control products? Whatever you job you have in mind, our team of specialists and pest control professionals has the answers for you. Just call us at 1-800-675-7485 or reach us online through our contact page.

Make pest control precise and get a bait gun today!

B&G Multi Dose Bait Gun Deluxe Kit 3000-DL


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