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Bees are essential insects that many ecosystems rely on for pollination, among other environmental benefits. However, they can prove dangerous (or even hazardous) if they’re not properly managed or if they’re causing an infestation. That’s why we provide professional bee control products for professional beekeepers and pest control professionals with an array of protective repellent, bee insecticide spray, wasp freeze, and dust.

Professional Bee Control

In order to keep yourself safe, bee control products are the leading method for dealing with large hives. As an inexpensive yet effective method, these traps and products inhibit bees from becoming a serious concern. If you catch a growing bee population early on, a simple bee control product is all you need.

At, we offer specific solutions to your bee problem, allowing you to focus on areas that need the most attention. From bee nest removal spray, traps, dust, guards, and bee insecticide freeze spray, we can help you stop a small problem from escalating into an unmanageable infestation.

Dust is a great bee control product for areas where bees gather and crawl, such as the entrance of a beehive, since dust sticks to their feet and acts quickly.

If you’re dealing with a yellow jacket infestation, traps are useful since they don’t require you to approach a dangerous nest. Simply hang it close to the infestation and let the trap’s pheromones bait them. Additionally, bee insecticide freeze spray is ideal for attacking a nest from a distance, with little to no protective gear.

With so many effective bee and yellow jacket control methods, we make it easy for you to choose which products are right for you.

Bee Control and More

Do you have questions or concerns about any of our bee or yellow jacket control? How about any of our other pest control or landscaping products? If so, then call our dedicated team of pest control and landscaping professionals today at 1-800-675-7485. Or, you can reach us online through our contact page.

Whether your bees are indoor or outdoor, flying or crawling, or a specific species, we have a bee control product for your needs. Order your bee insecticide spray, traps, dust, and guards now. Stop bees from getting out of control today!

Prozap Insect Guard (Out of Stock)


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Yellow Jacket Trap


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Bee Pheromone Trap

Qspray/Quality Equipment

MSRP: $11.00 $11.00 $9.79 - $189.99


Buzz Duster

Buzz Duster

MSRP: $300.00 $300.00 $249.99


Insecticide Duster – Puffer Style

JT Eaton

MSRP: $19.80 $19.80 $16.99


Tempo Insecticide Dust 1.25 LB


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Delta Dust 1lb


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