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Bee traps can be highly effective for controlling large populations without having to come into close contact with swarms or hives. Also, they allow you to work with minimal protective gear or chemical products. If you’re looking for ways to manage bees with minimal risk, then choose from our specialized bee traps for sale for effective solutions.

Traps and Lures

Traps and lures are important to use after you remove a beehive to catch any lost and disoriented bees that are left behind. Remember that bees that sense aggression may swarm and attack, so invest in some protective gear if you’re handling hives.

Even if you aren’t currently managing a bee problem, consider investing in traps or lures as a way of preemptively dealing with bees before they can start a new colony. Also, if you choose a pheromone trap, it’s important to understand how they’ll work with the species local to your area.  

At, we specialize in two types of bee traps for sale: bee pheromone traps and bee swarm traps.

The bee pheromone trap attracts bees to its interior by infusing them with a species-specific pheromone. Don’t worry, the pheromones won’t attract a swarm from a distance, this trap only catches lone bees and stragglers.Bee swarm traps are a great way to safely move a colony without harming it. With a shape that mimics a hollow tree and also contains pheromones, the trap is designed to act as a new home for the bee colony.

Pest Control Solutions and More

Are you looking for ways to deal with a bee problem? Or, are you looking for ways to move a hive safely and effectively? Whatever your needs, we have a variety of bee control products that are proven to be safe and effective. If you’re looking for ways to manage bees or any other type of infestation, feel free to call our team of pest control professionals at 1-800-675-7485 or reach us online through our contact page.

We have bee traps for sale that will prevent bees from setting up shop in your home or business. Get a bee trap today and save yourself from future troubles!

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