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pest control equipmentbird controlHave a serious bird problem? carries a variety of bird traps designed for different types of birds such as pigeons and sparrows. Our bird traps for sale come in numerous sizes: we have small bird traps, medium traps, and large bird traps. All of our bird traps feature ingenious design aspects that make your job easier, such as secure latched doors that prevent escape. These traps are available for cheap, and are easy to set up, deploy, and remove. All of our traps are excellent quality and are made in the USA.

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We have numerous types of bird traps for sale, so you can find the one that is suitable for the job. We carry 4 different types of traps for taking care of pigeons: small and medium traps, and humane feature-rich medium and large traps. Our small and medium pigeon traps hold anywhere from 6 to 12 or more birds and feature unique one way doors and door guards that keep the birds from escaping as more come in. The designs of these cages also make it easy to release the pigeons when ready.

Our humane pigeon traps represent quality bird control equipment with additional unique features not found in our other cages . These traps hold anywhere from 12 to 30 or more birds, and provide shade screens on the lid, as well as removable food and water dispensers to accommodate the pigeons as you transport or hold them.

Our selection also includes traps for sparrows, which feature clever trap designs that come in basic and deluxe versions. These traps also feature one-way doors and funnel designs which prevent the birds from escaping. These cages feature large chambers that make the birds feel less trapped and less inclined to make distress calls.

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All of our bird traps for sale feature brilliant designs and high quality construction. We have extensive experience in the pest control and removal field, and we are passionate about selecting for the most reliable equipment to assist professionals in their day-to-day work. Besides our excellent bird traps, we also feature many other types of equipment for other annoyances such as weeds and insects. We carry backpack sprayers, replacement parts, bee suits, ladders, and other essential tools of the trade for pest control professionals. We know pest control, and we’re here to ensure that your job is easier, more productive, and more profitable with quality equipment and practices.

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Feel free to browse our superior inventory of bird traps for sale. Whether you just have to remove a few birds, or you have to deal with an infestation, we have the cage with the features and capabilities that you need. Shop our store and order your bird trap today!

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