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Sourced from one of the most reliable manufacturers with over 60 years of production, our Hypro piston pumps are used to power high-performance power sprayer systems. Intended for non-abrasive and general use chemical compatibility, these piston pumps are compact, lightweight, and easy to install. At, we make it easy for you to maintain and repair your equipment, should you ever need to.

Quality Pest Control Equipment

Hypro is a leading name in piston pumps for power sprayer systems, and the pumps available in our inventory ensure dependable service in the field. These Hypro piston pumps can be used for a variety of uses and are compatible with a wide range of insecticides and herbicides.

For optimal performance, we suggest you also purchase the Hypro leather cup kit, which includes:

  • Leather cups

  • Piston cap screws

  • Washers

  • O-rings

  • Seal rings

To keep your pumps and your sprayers working for you, it is important to conduct regular maintenance. Functioning pumps and sprayers are essential to your productivity and profitability. Say no to downtime and keep your spare parts stocked with our easy and convenient online ordering. 

Your Pest Control Expert is run by industry professionals who have extensive experience with pest control equipment on the ground. We carry professional grade products from trusted brands to ensure that our customers can maximize their profitability and effectiveness on the job. Check out our selection of Hypro pistonpumps and spare parts and order what you need today.

Hypro 3400-0038 Valve Assembly


MSRP: $24.25 $24.25 $19.40


Hypro 3430-0037 Leather Cup Kit


MSRP: $49.00 $52.00 $47.99


Hypro 5210C Piston Pump


MSRP: $842.00 $842.00 $631.77