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If you’re drilling through concrete walls and slabs for termite work, there is always the danger that you will hit something you’re not supposed to. Termite professionals have to avoid grounded metal piping, grounded conduits, post-tension cabling, reinforcement steel, and other objects when drilling. Hitting a sensitive object can damage equipment and even pose risks to professionals themselves. Fortunately, Protek offers a brilliant solution for navigating this minefield: the tool interrupter.

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Protek’s drill interrupter is a heavy-duty portable unit that will instantly cut power to a drill if it senses that the drill bit is hitting grounded metal. This interrupter features a GFI circuit breaker, which comes in handy for termite control professionals. We also offer 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on this product to ensure complete satisfaction.   

We carry the superior Protek 2 Tool Interrupter, which offers several extra features that are essential to the pest control professional. Our industrial-grade Protek termite tool is engineered to work in nuclear facilities, power plants, construction areas, facility maintenance, and most industrial applications as a testament to its sturdy construction. The SRS has a number of extra features like active and passive safety-shunt circuits, external grounding terminals, weather-resistant construction, and more.

Pest Control Professionals has everything termite professionals need to be safe and effective in the field. Our Protek 2 Tool Interrupter is the top unit in its class, and the basic tool interrupter unit provides safe and reliable drill operation as well. Shop our store and order yours today!

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Protek SRS Tool Interrupter


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Protek Tool Interrupter


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