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The house sparrow is one of the most common bird species on the planet. However, sparrows are notorious for nesting in places they shouldn’t be, like air vents, and are known to steal food if they can find their way into your home. If you’re encountering problems with sparrows, consider investing in our humane sparrow traps today! At, we specialize in effective, yet humane methods for handling any sparrow problem you may encounter on the job.  

Smart Design For Easy Removal

Our sparrow traps are carefully designed to keep birds trapped inside while allowing others to enter. Utilizing an efficient, but effective bi-level design, these traps feature enough room for sparrows to feel comfortable, yet secure. Each trap’s unique, one-way door, birds enter and are ushered onto a second level platform, where they comfortably remain, so that they don’t emit distress calls that can attract more birds and cause further problems. Most importantly, these traps feature easy-release latches. These closures are specially designed to keep birds secure within the cage until they can be released.

The Guarantee

Our sparrow traps are built to guarantee results, with each trap specially designed to keep birds contained and provide for easy removal. As with any of our pest control or landscaping products, our traps use high-quality materials to ensure that the results are consistent and that you are satisfied with the product after every use.

Sparrows are a very smart species that figure out how to get into and out of homes easily in search for food. However, they cannot outsmart our traps. If you’d like to learn more about our traps or other tools and equipment for pest control professionals, please call our team of specialists at 1-800-675-7485 or contact us online. Get your traps today from and say goodbye to your sparrow problems!

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