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Birchmeier Backpack Quality Shows in Spray Wands carries the highest quality products in the pest control, weed control and landscape industry. One of our favorite product lines is Birchmeier Backpacks. The quality of the Birchmeier line is evident throughout the product but is most obvious is the spray wand. The Birchmeier spray wand is made of solid brass and is completely rebuildable – it is not made of cheap plastic like so many other spray wands.  

Made with quality craftsmanship, Birchmeier products are manufactured to be completely rebuildable and serviceable so you can easily replace parts without having to throw away the whole wand.

Additionally, Birchmeier offers a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is the only one in the industry! We stand by Birchmeier quality and carry all of the Birchmeier backpacks, parts and repair kits. 

Birchmeier Backpack Quality Shows in Spray Wands Video Transcript

I’m Andrew Greess, president of Our website,, has all your Birchmeier backpacks, all your parts, and all your repair kits, and I’d like to share some different tips on using the Birchmeier backpack for maximum productivity and effectiveness. 

The first thing about the Birchmeier is it’s really a quality piece of equipment and nowhere is that more obvious than the spray wand. Birchmeier wand is all brass and completely rebuildable. Most backpacks have a cheap plastic spray wand, which is a total throw away. 

If there’s a problem with this, you throw it away and buy another one. Birchmeier wand is completely rebuildable and completely serviceable, so you’re never stuck. You can always repair it. Hope this helps.

Thanks very much. 

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