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How Do You Melt a Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer?

In addition to selling and building custom spray equipment, we also repair a lot of pest and landscaping spray equipment. Over the years, we have seen some really interesting things come into our shop for repairs. We want to help you and your techs avoid some expensive and time-consuming mistakes that are easily preventable with just a few minutes of proper care and storage of your valuable spray equipment. 

The red mess we see is actually what’s left of a Birchmeier Backpack. The tech in this instance left his Birchmeier sprayer right by the exhaust pipe of his power sprayer engine. The hot exhaust melted the plastic of the Birchmeier. As if that isn’t bad enough, the Birchmeier sprayer was full of two gallons of chemical, which then leaked all over the back of the tech’s truck. 

With quite a mess in his truck, the tech had to stop what he was doing – leaving a client job, drive to our shop, get a new backpack sprayer and drive back which cost his company a good deal of money. This was all completely avoidable if the tech had checked his equipment and put it in a safe and secure location where it could not get damaged or melted. It doesn’t take long to check the equipment and can save both time, money, and headaches. 

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Video Transcript:

Andrew Greess: Hi, this is Andrew Greess with We are your spray equipment professionals on the web. We not only build and sell spray equipment, but we also repair and service it. We seen some pretty crazy things, and one of the things I want to talk to you about today is checking your equipment before you drive off.

What you see here may remind you of a Birchmeier backpack. This used to be a Birchmeier backpack, but because of the tech’s carelessness, it is no longer a Birchmeier backpack. What he did was, he put the Birchmeier backpack too close to the exhaust of his Honda engine of his power sprayer, and the exhaust melted the backpack, caused about two gallons of chemical to drain all over the truck, and completely destroyed his backpack.

Not only did he waste chemical and destroy a backpack, had to stop what he was doing, drive all the way over to our shop, get a new backpack, and drive back. It cost his company quite a bit of money. Whether it comes to power spraying equipment, Birchmeier backpacks, B&Gs or any kind of pest control or weed control equipment, we strongly recommend you check your equipment before you drive off.

A couple of seconds spent checking your equipment can save you a ton of time, a ton of money, and a lot of headaches. Thanks for watching, look for us at