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Weed & Landscape Spray Hose

Every component of your weed & landscape spray rig counts. Selecting the right spray hose for your chemical applications is vital to ensure efficient and safe operations for your business. brings you high-quality weed spray hoses from trusted brands like Flextral and NexSpray.

Superior Spray Hose Design

A quality herbicide sprayer hose for your weed control or landscaping business is critical to avoid chemical leaks and spray hose tangles and to protect against dangerous chemicals. At, we have superior spray hoses with professional-grade features to help you get the job done safely. These spray hoses are sure to provide dependable service long-term.

We carry spray hoses with heavy-duty ribbed exteriors to withstand rough surfaces and multiple-layer PVC construction to withstand high pressure and extensive chemical use in your applications. We also offer hoses in a wide variety of prices to suit every budget. If you’re looking for long-lasting weed spray hoses or other components for your power sprayer, our industry-leading solutions offer long-term value, whatever your price range.

Shop the Power Spray Parts You Need is the only company that stocks the equipment you need for your weed & landscaping business and the parts for the equipment. Don’t let downtime kill your productivity. Our job is to keep you operating and productive. Shop our professional-grade spray hoses online. Request a quote or get in touch with our customer service department if you need help finding the weed spray hoses or other parts you need.

Spiralite 320 Orange 3/8″ Spray Hose – 300 Feet

Qspray/Quality Equipment

MSRP: $390.00 $390.00 $359.99


800 PSI (Flextral) Spray Hose 3/8″


MSRP: $200.00 $179.99 - $349.99 $179.99 - $349.99


Spray Hose 1/2″ – 800 PSI (Flextral)


MSRP: $220.00 $199.99 - $389.99 $199.99 - $389.99


1/4″ Kuri Tec Spray Hose – 300 Feet


MSRP: $290.00 $290.00 $249.99