Cox 8550 Welding Reel Swivel


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Product Description

Cox 8550 Welding Reel Swivel


for 100W Series Large Capacity Welding Reels

NOTE: This is a special order item; it will take a few days to ship.

Cox Brass Hose Reel Swivel with Dual Viton Seals, 1/4″ NPT

Swivel is high-quality brass construction. 

Used on the Cox 100W Series Large capacity welding reels (see list of models below)

The Rebuild kit for this swivel is Cox 8550 Swivel Kit (sold separately).

The o-rings in this swivel will eventually wear out.  Keep an extra rebuild kit on hand.

This swivel is used on the following welding reel models:

Cox 112W-1-50

Cox 112W-1-100

Cox 117W-1-200

Cox 112WT-1-50

Cox 112WT-1-100

Cox 117WT-1-200



  • Weight: 5 lb
  • Width: 4 in
  • Depth: 3 in
  • Height: 3 in

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