Maruyama MSD41 Piston Pump


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Product Description

Maruyama MSD41 Piston Pump – 3/4

NOTE: Color may vary. 

Part#: 354051

Max 570 PSI; 8 GPM 3 chrome-coated cylinders; includes pressure relief valve & base mounting kit.

Click Here for Maruyama MSD41 Pump parts diagram

NOTE ON REPAIR KITS: We stock the main repair parts for this Maruyama MSD41 pump. We have also created 3 repair kits. We created the kits because there are so many small parts to this pump, it is a nightmare to order the individual parts.

Click here to download Maruyama MSD41 Pump Repair Kit Info


This piston pump comes with Maruyama’s limited warranty. Maruyama, at their sole discretion, may repair or replace the pump under their warranty. has no authority to decide whether a pump should be repaired or replaced. Also, you must fill out and return the warranty registration. Email us if you need help or have questions about the Maruyama MSD41 pump.

You can download a copy of the Maruyama MSD41 Pump warranty here.

The pump requires about 12-13 oz of SAE 30 wt non-detergent oil (not included)

Pumps that have been installed are NOT eligible for return, refund or exchange. We do this to ensure all our customers receive pumps in brand-new, pristine condition.

NOTE ON MSD41 & Wettable Powders:

Maruyama has reported that some users are having an issue with wettable powders in the MSD41. Maruyama reports that large particles and improperly mixed powered chemicals can build up around pump seals and end up in the crankcase.

Maruyama Recommends:

1. If using powdered products, mix the products in a bucket and get it in a liquid state before dumping it into the tank, which should already be filled with water. Let it agitate and get it completely mixed. Upon completing the job, flush the Maruyama MSD41 pump with clear water and get as much built-up chemical out of the pump as possible. Periodically flush the system with tank cleaner to help remove the build-up.

2. If spray material does get into your crankcase: Drain all the oil/chemical mixture out of the crankcase and replace the oil. Then replace the seals (kit A), and the pump should go back to being operational. The caution here is not to run the Maruyama piston pump with contaminated oil, as more expensive damage can result.

Maruyama is looking into a new seal for the Maruyama MSD41 pump that will stop the powdered materials from working behind the seals.


  • Weight: 14 lb
  • Width: 10 in
  • Depth: 13 in
  • Height: 9 in

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