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Curtis Dyna-Fog

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Product Description

Curtis Dyna-Fog Hurricane Ultra II 115 Volt

Part #62150-1


Curtis Dyna-Fog Hurricane Ultra Electric Portable Aerosol Applicator (ULV / Mister) – Dispenses BOTH Oil and Water-based Products.

The Curtis Dyna-Fog Hurricane is capable of dispensing disinfectants, deodorizers, germicides, and insecticides.

It is being used successfully in hospitals, restaurants, warehouses, nursing homes, schools, greenhouses, and other institutions.

With an adjustable output of 0-5 gallons per hour, this versatile Hurricane Ultra II fogger gives you the power to handle both large and small areas, wherever aerosol particle chemical treatment is needed.

Curtis Dyna-Fog Universal Flushing Solution will protect your investment, clean your unit, reduce service issues and ensure proper flow rate and results. Order Now!


Download Curtis Dyna-Fog Hurricane Ultra II Data Sheet

Download Curtis Dyna-Fog Hurricane Operation & Maintenance Manual


  • Weight: 14 lb
  • Width: 14 in
  • Depth: 17 in
  • Height: 10 in

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